Pizzo Arera

Pizzo Arera is a mountain of the Bergamasque Prealps of northern Italy. Its peak is 2,512 metres (8,241 ft) above sea level.

Pizzo Arera
Pizzo Arera dal Grem.JPG
Pizzo Arera in winter as seen from Mount Grem
Highest point
Elevation2,512 m (8,241 ft)
Prominence691 m (2,267 ft) [1]
Coordinates45°56′09″N 9°48′54″E / 45.935700°N 9.814947°E / 45.935700; 9.814947Coordinates: 45°56′09″N 9°48′54″E / 45.935700°N 9.814947°E / 45.935700; 9.814947
Pizzo Arera is located in Alps
Pizzo Arera
Pizzo Arera
Bergamo, Italy
Parent rangeBergamasque Prealps


It is part of the ridge that divides Val Seriana from Val Brembana. The town of Roncobello is nearby. Fossils can be found on some ridges. It is the largest in a group of four mountains that surround Zambla Alta. The residents of the area around the mountain are often bilingual, speaking Italian and Bergamasque.

SOIUSA classificationEdit

According to the SOIUSA (International Standardized Mountain Subdivision of the Alps) the mountain can be classified in the following way:[2]


Arera is composed mainly of Mesozoic sedimentary rocks, most of them limestones.


Alpine regions have a high rate of endemism and a high diversity of plant species. This taxonomic diversity can be attributed to geographical isolation, glaciation, microhabitat differentiation.

Galium montis-arerae, the Pizzo Arera bedstraw, is a rare plant species in the Rubiaceae.[3] It is named after the mountain, locus classicus where it was first described.


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