Pisagua Department

Pisagua Department was a department in Tarapacá Province, Chile, from 1883 to 1974. It was ceded to Chile under the Treaty of Ancón, formerly being part of the Peruvian province of the same name.

Pisagua Department
Departamento de Pisagua
Department of Chile
Flag of Pisagua Department
Provincia de Tarapaca-1895.jpg
Map of Tarapacá Province (1895)
CapitalPisagua (1884-1970)
Huara (1970-1979)
DemonymPisagüino, a
Historical eraWar of the Pacific aftermath
• Established
31 October 1884
• Disestablished
July 1974
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Tarapacá Department
Tamarugal Province
Today part of Chile


The department was created on 31 October 1884 under the administration of the also new Tarapacá Province, both awarded to Chile under the Treaty of Ancón, along with Tacna. It was bordered to the north by the Arica Department, to the east by Bolivia, to the south by the Tarapacá Department (after 1928 the Iquique Department), and to the west by the Pacific Ocean.

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