Tarapacá Department (Peru)

The Tarapacá Department was an old territorial division of Peru, which existed between 1878 and 1884, when it was unconditionally ceded to Chile after the War of the Pacific under the Treaty of Ancón.

Tarapacá Department
Departamento de Tarapacá
Department of Peru
Flag of Tarapacá Department
Tarapacá Department (Peru).png
Tarapacá Department in 1894
DemonymTarapaqueño, a
Historical eraEarly Republican Era
• Established
• Disestablished
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Moquegua Department
Tarapacá Province
Today part ofChile


The department was located in southern Peru, near the Pacific Ocean. It was limited to the north by the Arica Province within Moquegua Department, in the south and east by Bolivia, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean.

The curaca (tribal chief) of the coastal region of the Kingdom of Chucuito was Felipe Lucaya in Tarapacá until Spanish conquest.

In 1600, parcels Lluta, Arica, Azapa, Tarapacá were handed over to Pedro Mesia Cordova, who then handed him the valleys of Tácana and Sama.

In 1612 Pope Paolo V authorizes the establishment of the Diocese of Arequipa in which were seven jurisdictions including the district of San Marcos Arica comprising the regions of Tacna, Tarata, Sama, Ilabaya, Locumba, Putina and Tarapacá.

By 1777 the village of Arica was composed of Ilo, Tacna, Arica, Iquique, Pica, Ilabaya, Tarata, Codpa.

In the second government of Agustín Gamarra occurs War between Peru and Bolivia. Gamarra was seeking to annex the former Alto Peru and Bajo Peru, but was defeated at the battle of Ingavi in 1841 by General José Ballivián Segurola.

The troops of General José Ballivián occupy Puno, Moquegua, Tacna and Tarapacá and the south of Peru is under the command of Colonel Rodriguez Bolivian Magariños. In Sama tacneño Colonel José María Lavaysen organized an army that succeeded in defeating. In Locumba Colonel Manuel Mendiburu also organizes forces among them and Justo Arias Aragüez in 1842

On August 17, 1878 the Department of Tarapacá was established.

Administrative divisionsEdit

The Department of Tarapacá was divided into two provinces:

Province Capital Districts Current Administrative Unit
Tarapacá Province Tarapacá Tarapacá, Mamiña, Chiapa, Sibayo and Camiña   Tarapacá Region
Iquique Province Iquique Pisagua, Iquique, Patillos, Pica   Iquique Province

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