Pindi Bhattian

Pindi Bhattian (Urdu: پِنڈى بهٹياں) is a city and the administration headquarters of Pindi Bhattian Tehsil, Hafizabad District in Punjab, Pakistan.[1]

Pindi Bhattian
(Urdu: پِنڈى بهٹياں)
Pindi Bhattian is located in Pakistan
Pindi Bhattian
Pindi Bhattian
Location of Pindi Bhattian in Pakistan
Coordinates: 31°53′45″N 73°16′34″E / 31.895782°N 73.276062°E / 31.895782; 73.276062Coordinates: 31°53′45″N 73°16′34″E / 31.895782°N 73.276062°E / 31.895782; 73.276062
DistrictHafizabad District
TehsilPindi Bhattian Tehsil
 • TypeCapital
 • City Council
Members' List
184 m (604 ft)
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+6 (PDT)
Postal code
Dialling code0547
WebsiteTMA Pindi Bhattian

Commercially Pindi Bhattian lies in the heart of Punjab and North Pakistan. Pindi Bhattian is also on the track for a fast connection through M2 to major cities like Lahore, Sheikhupura, Islamabad, and Peshawar. Through M3, Pindi Bhattian is connected with Faisalabad, Multan and connecting to major cities of Baluchistan and Sindh like Karachi. E3, (Expressway) is being upgraded to connect Sialkot via Wazirabad, whereas Pindi Bhattian is also connected to Hafizabad, Gujranwala, and Daska. On the western side it is connected to a major city like Jhang, Sargodha, and Mianwali. Mianwali being the main city of the Western CPEC route would be another commercial hub that will connect KPK and Punjab. The prominent villages in surrounding Pindi Bhattian are Ghubrika, Macho Nikka (Officers Valley), Mustafabad, Kot Nakka, Shah Behlol, Kaseesay, Nauthen, Khuram Chorera, Thatha Khero Matmal, Bahuman (Crescent Bahümán Limited), Thathi Behlol Pur, Tahli Goraya, Dhalkey, Sabat Shah, Par Ghusroo, Chokerian (village of Kharal families). Castes of Pindi Bhattian are Bhatti, Kharal, Arrain, khatri, Sial and Tarar.


It is one of the ancient towns of Pakistan and the home town of Dulla Bhatti, a 16th-century heroic rebel of Punjab. Pindi Bhattian's economy also mostly depends upon agriculture. It has mostly English medium institutions for education. All the secondary and intermediate educational institutions are affiliated with BISE Gujranwala. Qutab Din Pehlwan Awan was one of the best wrestler of Punjab in 1965 till 1985"Dulle di bar: Dulla Bhatti and his homeland", a book by Asad Saleem Sheikh about Dulla Bhatti, presents a comprehensive view of Pindi Bhattian in the times of Mughal Empire.[2]


Pindi Bhattian is situated on Motorway M2 and is considered an important interchange of M2. Moreover, it is also situated on Shiekhupura-Sargodha-Mianwali Highway. A motorway leads to Faisalabad from Pindi Bhattian known as M3. Another highway connects Pindi Bhattian to Wazirabad via Jalalpur Bhattian and Rasul Pur which is being converted into Expressway E3 under NHA. A highway connects Pindi Bhattian to Chiniot and Jhang. So we can say that Pindi Bhattian is a junction of many important motorways/highways. There is no railway station in the city, the nearest railway station is that of Sukheke Mandi.

Dahar, Arain, khatri, Hanjra, Kharal, Toor, Goraya, Waseer, Bhatti, Lodhra are dominant tribes of this area.

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