Philippe Pozzo di Borgo

Philippe Pozzo di Borgo is a Corsican French businessman who is the Director of Pommery and was the owner of an inherited historic hôtel particulier in Paris used as a function hall.


Philippe is the second son of the French duke Pozzo di Borgo and the Marquis de Vogue.[1] The noble family dates back to the 1500s.[2] After completing his education, he began working in the champagne industry. Prior to his job as director of Pommery, Philippe was a manager at Moët and Chandon.[1]

Philippe di Borgo became a diabetic quadriplegic in 1993 following a paragliding accident. Because of his disability, he attempted to commit suicide by wrapping an oxygen tube around his neck.[3]

In popular cultureEdit

Philippe's life story inspired the biographical movies The Intouchables,[4] Oopiri, Inseparables,[5] and The Upside.[6] These movies were based on his memoir, A Second Wind, which included his relationship with his Algerian attendant, Abdel Sellou.[3]


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