Légifrance (French pronunciation: [leʒifʁɑ̃s]) is the official website of the French government for the publication of legislation, regulations, and legal information. It was established by decree in 2002.[1] Access to the site is free.

Type of site
Public service and legal information portal
Available inFrench
OwnerFrench government
Current statusActive

Virtually complete, it presents or refers to all concerned institutions or administrations, all texts still in force since 1539 [2] and all the upper courts jurisprudence since 1986 as well as the most pertinent one of all courts since 1875.[3]

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All texts in French unless otherwise noted.

République française; Secrétariat général du gouvernement (19 October 2022). "Légifrance Le service public de la diffusion du droit" [The public service for dissemination of the law]. Légifrance. Direction de l'information légale et administrative. ISSN 2270-8987. OCLC 867599055.

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