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Philippe Bouchet (born 1953) is a French biologist whose primary scientific fields of study are malacology (the study of molluscs) and taxonomy. He works at the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris. He is also a Commissioner of the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature.

Philippe Bouchet
Philippe Bouchet.jpg
Philippe Bouchet in May, 2005
Scientific career
FieldsMalacology, taxonomy
InstitutionsMuséum National d'Histoire Naturelle

Bouchet published Taxonomy of the Gastropoda with the malacologist Jean-Pierre Rocroi in 2005, which laid out a new taxonomy of Gastropod molluscs.

He has named over 500 new taxa of mollusks, and numerous taxa have been named in his honor.

Professional achievementsEdit

Bouchet is a senior professor at the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris, and is head of the Malacology laboratory and the Taxonomy Collections Unit there.[1] He is also one of the Commissioners of the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature and has been a member of the ICZN since 1990.[2]

Philippe Bouchet is co-editor of several volumes in the Tropical Deep-Sea Benthos series.[citation needed]

In 2005, Bouchet was the senior author (editor) (with Jean-Pierre Rocroi) of a taxonomy of the Gastropoda, published in a paper entitled "Classification and Nomenclator of Gastropod Families" published in the journal Malacologia.[3]

Bouchet is the head of the 2004 Panglao Marine Biodiversity Project.[1]

Taxa named, and taxa named in his honorEdit

By the end of 2010, Bouchet had described (alone or together with others) more than 500 new species, mainly gastropods.[4][5] More than 70 new species have been named in his honor.[5] Bouchet was honored with a new genus named after him by Houart & Héros in 2008: Bouchetia.[6] And in 2012, Bouchet was honored by having a monotypic family (and genus) of gastropods named after him: Bouchetispiridae (and Bouchetispira) by Kantor, Strong & Puillandre.[7]


In 2001 Bouchet was awarded the Marine Sciences Prize of the French Academy of Sciences for his work on the vertical migration of gastropod larvae.[2]


His publications as author or co-author are numerous. A few examples are listed below:


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