Philippe-Isidore Picot de Lapeyrouse

Philippe-Isidore Picot de Lapeyrouse or La Peirouse, Baron de Lapeyrouse (20 October 1744 in Toulouse – 18 October 1818 in château de Lapeyrouse, Haute-Garonne) was a French naturalist.

Philippe-Isidore Picot de Lapeyrouse
Quartz prase. Found by Picot de Lapeyrouse and Dolomieu in 1793
Volumes of the herbarium, of Philippe Picot de Lapeyrouse MHNT
Saxifraga longifolia [1]

He was particularly interested in the flora and fauna of the Pyrenees.[2] After the revolution, he became the first professor of natural history in Toulouse and his collections, from 1796, were housed in the former Carmelite Monastery of Toulouse which went on to become the Muséum de l'Histoire Naturelle de Toulouse.[3]

In 1782 he was elected a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.[citation needed] In 1800 he was mayor of Toulouse.[4]

The genus Lapeirousia in the family Iridaceae was named after him by his friend Pierre André Pourret, and not, as is sometimes erroneously stated, after the French mariner, Jean-François de Galaup, comte de Lapérouse.[5][6]



  • Pierre Raymond, Essai de zoologie, soutenu le 7 fructidor, an X. Thèse sous la présidence de Picot-Lapeyrouse.


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