Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena

Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena is a 20-volume series of books, comprising review articles on phase transitions and critical phenomena, published during 1972-2001. It is "considered the most authoritative series on the topic".[1]

Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena  
Edited byCyril Domb and Melville S. Green (vols. 1-6)
Cyril Domb and Joel Lebowitz (vols. 6-20)
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Standard abbreviations
ISO 4Ph. Transit. Crit. Phenom.

Volumes 1-6 were edited by Cyril Domb and Melville S. Green, and after Green's death, volumes 7-20 were edited by Domb and Joel Lebowitz.[1][2]

Volume 4 was never published. Volume 5 was published in two volumes, as 5A and 5B.


  • Volume 1: Exact Results (1972) ISBN 0122203011
    • 'Introductory Note on Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena', by C.N. Yang.
    • 'Rigorous Results and Theorems', by R.B. Griffiths.
    • 'Dilute Quantum Systems', by J. Ginibre.
    • 'The C*-Algebraic Approach to Phase Transitions', by G.G. Emch.
    • 'One-dimensional Models — Short Range Forces', by C.J. Thompson
    • 'Two-dimensional Ising Models', by H.N.V. Temperley.
    • 'Transformation of Ising Models', by I. Syozi.
    • 'Two-dimensional Ferroelectric Models', by E.H. Lieb and Fa Yueh Wu.
  • Volume 2: (1972) ISBN 012220302X
    • 'Thermodynamics' M.J. Buckingham.
    • 'Equilibrium Scaling in Fluids and Magnets', by M. Vicentini-Missoni.
    • 'Surface Tension of Fluids', by B. Widom.
    • 'Surface and Size Effects in Lattice Models', by P.G. Watson.
    • 'Exact Calculations on a Random Ising Systems', by B. McCoy.
    • 'Percolation and Cluster Size', by J.W. Essam.
    • 'Melting and Statistical Geometry of Simple Liquids', by R. Collins.
    • 'Lattice Gas Theories of Melting', by L.K. Runnels.
    • 'Closed Form Approximations for Lattice Systems', by D.M. Burley.
    • 'Critical Properties of the Spherical Model', by G.S. Joyce.
    • 'Kinetics of Ising Models', by K. Kawasaki.
  • Volume 3: Series Expansions for Lattice Models (1974) ISBN 0122203038
    • 'Graph Theory and Embeddings', by C. Domb.
    • 'Computer Techniques for Evaluating Lattice Constants', by J.L. Martin.
    • 'Linked Cluster Expansion' M. Wortis.
    • 'Asymptotic Analysis of Coefficients', by A.J. Guttmann and D.S. Gaunt.
    • 'Heisenberg Model', by G.S. Rushbrooke, G.A. Baker Jr and P.J. Wood.
    • 'Ising Model', by C. Domb.
    • 'Classical Vector Models', by H. Eugene Stanley.
    • 'D-vector Model or "Universality Hamiltonian": Properties of Isotropically-Interacting D-Dimensional Classical Spins', by H. Eugene Stanley.
    • 'X-Y Model', by D.B. Betts.
    • 'Ferroelectric Models', by J.F. Nagle.
  • Volume 4: (Never published)
  • Volume 5a (1976) ISBN 0122203054
    • 'Scaling, Universality and Operator Algebras', by L.P. Kadanoff.
    • 'Generalized Landau Theories', by M. Luban.
    • 'Neutron Scattering and Spatial Correlation near the Critical Point', by J. Als-Nielsen.
    • 'Mode Coupling and Critical Dynamics', by K. Kawasaki.
  • Volume 5b (1976) ISBN 0122203054
    • 'Monte Carlo Investigations of Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena', by K. Binder.
    • 'System with Weak Long-Range Potentials', by P.C. Hemmer and J.L. Lebowitz.
    • 'Correlation Functions and their Generating Functionals: General Relations with Applications to the Theory of Fluids', by G. Stell.
    • 'Heisenberg Ferromagnet in the Green's Function Approximation', by R.A. Tahir-Kheli.
    • 'Thermal Measurements and Critical Phenomena in Liquids', by A.V. Voronel.
  • Volume 6: (1976) ISBN 0122203062
    • 'The Renormalization Group — Introduction', by Kenneth G. Wilson.
    • 'The Critical State, General Aspects', by F.J. Wegner.
    • 'Field Theoretical Approach to Critical Phenomena' E. Brezin, J.C. Le Guillou and J. Zinn-Justin.
    • 'The 1/n Expansion', by Shang-Keng Ma.
    • 'The ε-Expansion for Exponents and the Equation of State in Isotropic Systems', by D.J. Wallace.
    • 'Dependence of Universal Critical Behaviour on Symmetry and Range of Interaction', by V. Privman, P.C. Hoheberg, and A. Aharony.
    • 'Renormalization: Theory Ising-like Spin Systems', by Th. Niemeijer and J.M.J. van Leeuwen.
    • 'Renormalization Group Approach to Critical Phenomena', by C. Di Castro and G. Jona-Lasinio.
  • Volume 7: (1983) ISBN 0122203070
    • 'Defect-Mediated Phase Transitions', by D.R. Nelson.
    • 'Conformational Phase Transitions in a Macromolecule: Exactly Solvable Models', by F.W. Wiegel.
    • 'Dilute Magnetism', by R.B. Stinchcombe.
  • Volume 8: (1983) ISBN 0122203089
    • 'Critical Behaviour at Surfaces', by K. Binder.
    • 'Finite-Size Scaling', by M.N. Barber.
    • 'The Dynamics of First Order Phase Transitions', by J.D. Gunton, M. San Miguel [es] and P.S. Sahni.
  • Volume 9: (1984) ISBN 0122203097
    • 'Theory of Tricritical Points', by I.D. Lawrie and S. Sarbach.
    • 'Multicritical Points in Fluid Mixtures: Experimental Studies', by C.M. Knobler and R.L. Scott.
    • 'Critical Point Statistical Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory', by G.A. Baker, Jr.
  • Volume 10: (1986) ISBN 0122203100
    • 'Surface Structures and Phase Transitions — Exact Results', by D.B. Abraham.
    • 'Field-theoretic Approach to Critical Behaviour at Surfaces', by H.W. Diehl.
    • 'Renormalization Group Theory of Interfaces', by D. Jasnow.
  • Volume 11: (1987) ISBN 0122203119
    • 'Coulomb Gas Formulation of Two-Dimensional Phase Transitions', by B. Nienhus.
    • 'Conformal Invariance', by J.L. Cardy.
    • 'Low-Temperature Properties of Classical Lattice Systems: Phase Transitions and Phase Diagrams', by J. Slawny.
  • Volume 12: (1988) ISBN 0122203127
    • 'Wetting Phenomena', by S. Dietrich.
    • 'The Domain Wall Theory of Two-Dimensional Commensurate-Incommensurate Phase Transition', by M. P. M. den Nijs.
    • 'The Growth of Fractal Aggregates and their Fractal Measures', by P. Meakin.
  • Volume 13: (1989) ISBN 0122203135
    • 'Asymptotic Analysis of Power-Series Expansions', by A.J. Guttmann.
    • 'Dimer Models on Anisotropic Lattices', by S.M. Bhattachargee, S.O. Carlos, J.F. Nagle and C.S.O Yokoi.
  • Volume 14: (1991) ISBN 0122203143
    • 'Universal Critical-Point Amplitude Relations' V. Privman, P.C. Hohenberg, and A. Aharony.
    • 'The Behavior of Interfaces in Ordered and Disordered Systems', by R. Lipowsky, G. Forgacs and Th.M. Nieuwenhuizen.
  • Volume 15: (1992) ISBN 0122203151
    • 'Spatially Modulated Structures in Systems with Competing Interactions', by W. Selke.
    • 'The Large-n Limit in Statistical Mechanics and the Spectral Theory of Disordered Systems', by A.M. Khorunzhy, B.A. Khorzhenko, L.A. Pastur and M.V. Shcherbina.
  • Volume 16: (1994) ISBN 012220316X
    • 'Self-assembling Amphiphilic Systems', by G. Gompper and M. Shick.
  • Volume 17: (1995) ISBN 0122203178
    • 'Statistical Mechanics of Driven Diffusive Systems', by B. Schmittmann and R.K.P. Zia.
  • Volume 18: (2001) ISBN 0122203186
    • 'The Random Geometry of Equilibrium Phases', by O. Häggström, H.O. Georgii, and C. Maes.
    • 'Exact Combinatorial Algorithms: Ground States of Disordered Systems', by M.J. Alava, P.M. Duxbury, C.F. Moukarzel and H. Rieger.
  • Volume 19: (2001) ISBN 0122203194
    • 'Exactly Solvable Models for Many-Body Systems Far from Equilibrium', by G.M. Schütz.
    • 'Polymerized Membranes, a Review', by K.J. Wiese.
  • Volume 20: (2001) ISBN 0122203208
    • Cumulative author, title and subject index including table of contents.