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The Phantasy Entertainment Complex has been a staple in the Cleveland music scene since the early 1980s.[1] The Phantasy has helped in launching nationally recognized bands Anne E. DeChant, Devo, Exotic Birds, Filter, Lucky Pierre, the Adults, The Pagans, Stabbing Westward, and was the debut location for Nine Inch Nails.[2][3][4] It has also been a stopover for other major acts like Iggy Pop, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Pogues, The Psychedelic Furs, and the Ramones, as well as hosting reunion shows for bands including Lestat, among others.[5]

Phantasy Theater
Mike TXTBK spinning at the Chamber, Phantasy Theater Complex, 2016.jpg
Angela Rarsheid captures DJ Textbeak spinning at The Chamber, Phantasy Entertainment Complex, 2016
General information
Address11802 Detroit Ave
Town or cityLakewood, Ohio
CountryUnited States


The Phantasy Entertainment Complex, consisting of the Phantasy Nite Club, The Chamber, Symposium, and Phantasy Theater, first opened in 1918 when it was known as the Homestead Theater. The theater played movies until 1979 and at one point was referred to as the Detroit Theater. Between the years 1976-1977 it was called The Last Picture Show. In the eighties, the theater was renamed the Phantasy, with a focus on alternative, goth and industrial rock groups.

The interior of the Phantasy with its two halves of a pirate ship was left over from days as a restaurant. John De Frasia, purchased the complex in 1965 when he opened a restaurant inside called Piccadilly Square. After seeing the 1962 film Mutiny on the Bounty De Frasia built the pirate ship.[6] One side of the ship is used as a dj booth, while the second half is a sound stage. The walls of the complex contains early new wave posters, and stickers from most bands having appeared at the complex since its opening.

Michael J. Fox and Joan Jett performed at the Phantasy Theater in 1987 a day before their film premiere of Light of Day.[7]

Within the same complex The Chamber dance club began in 1996[8] under the joint management of DJ Cable and Michele De Frasia and has since been the local haven for Alternative, Goth and Industrial subcultures. Notable artists that have frequented The Chamber and are from the area include Andy Kubiszewski, Marilyn Manson, Kevin McMahon, Lorin Morgan-Richards, Larry Szyms and Textbeak, to name a few.

In 2009, the complex was investigated by paranormal researchers who claim to have captured audio of spirits.[9] In 2010, a fire swept through the complex.[10]

In 2015, it was announced the Phantasy Nite Club complex was for sale.[11][12]

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