Pham Huu Tiep

Pham Huu Tiep (Vietnamese: Phạm Hữu Tiệp) is a Vietnamese American mathematician specializing in group theory and Lie theory. He is currently a Joshua Barlaz Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at Rutgers University.

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Pham Tiep received the silver medal at the IMO in London in 1979.[1] He received his Ph.D. at Moscow University in 1988 under supervision of Alexei Kostrikin.[2] He gave a talk at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Rio de Janeiro in 2018. He is a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society and a Simons Fellow.

Pham Tiep was the fifth Vietnamese mathematician invited to speak at the International Congress of Mathematicians, following Frédéric Pham (1970), Duong Hong Phong (1994), Ngô Bảo Châu (2006, 2010) and Van H. Vu (2014).[citation needed]

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