The peseta was a short-lived denomination issued by Peru between 1880 and 1882. The peseta was subdivided into 2 reales, with 5 pesetas equal to 1 sol. The sol continued to be produced during this period and was not replaced by the peseta.

Peruvian peseta
Peseta peruana (Spanish)
Date of introduction1880
Date of withdrawal1882
User(s) Peru
Value5 pesetas = 1 sol
This infobox shows the latest status before this currency was rendered obsolete.

Coins edit

Silver coins were issued by the Lima mint in 1880 for 1 and 5 pesetas, with further issues of 5 pesetas made in 1881 and 1882 by the Ayacucho mint. A small number of 12 real coins was minted in 1882, also at the Ayacucho mint.

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