Perlentaucher is a German online magazine. It was founded and is being published by Anja Seeliger and Thierry Chervel and has been available since March 15, 2000.[1]

FoundedMarch 2000[1]
Key people
Niclas Seeliger (CEO)
Anja Seeliger
Thierry Chervel

The magazine styles itself as a culture magazine, with its main focus on German culture and feuilleton and a daily overview of book reviews that have been published in a range of main German newspapers. With more than 500.000 visits per month Perlentaucher claims to be the biggest culture magazine in Germany.[2]

In 2003, Perlentaucher was awarded the prestigious Grimme Award for online journalism, the jury calling it a "one-of-a-kind 'journal of journals'".[3]

Another online magazine run by Perlentaucher Medien was the English-language[4][5] Signandsight was first published in 2005, bringing a news digest of articles on European cultural topics. It was discontinued in March 2012 due to the presently unfavourable "economic climate".[6]

The Perlentaucher magazine also cooperates with the website Salon run by the Slovak organisation Project Forum.


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