Pentazonia is a taxonomic infraclass of millipedes containing the pill-millipedes (Oniscomorpha) which can roll into a ball and the order Glomeridesmida which cannot. Defining traits (apomorphies) include divided sternites, a labrum with single median tooth, and an enlarged pygidium on the hind-most body segment.[1] Pentazonia is in the dominant millipede subclass Chilognatha which have a calcified exoskeleton and modified sperm-transferring legs in males. In contrast to the Helminthomorpha – the other Chilognathan infraclass, the sperm-transferring legs are located on posterior body segments and known as telopods. Pentazonians are relatively short-bodied, with between 13 and 21 body segments.[2] The Pentazonia contains one extinct order, Amynilyspedida, often referred to the Oniscomorpha.[3]

Glomeris marginata female.jpg
Glomeris marginata, female
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Diplopoda
Subclass: Chilognatha
Infraclass: Pentazonia
Brandt, 1833

Opisthandria Verhoeff, 1894


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