Pennsylvania Auditor General

The Pennsylvania auditor general is the chief fiscal officer of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It became an elected office in 1850.[1] The current auditor general of Pennsylvania is Republican Timothy DeFoor.

Auditor General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Seal of the Auditor General of Pennsylvania.svg
Seal of the Auditor General of Pennsylvania
Timothy DeFoor
since January 19, 2021
Term lengthFour years, renewable once consecutively
Formation1809 (elected from 1850)


The office of the auditor general of Pennsylvania was created in 1809 by the General Assembly. The auditor general was appointed by the governor until 1850, when it became a statewide elective office. The terms were for three years, until a constitutional amendment in 1909 increased the terms to four years.[2]


The auditor general performs financial audits of state agencies, municipal governments, school districts, public sector pensions, entities that receive state funding support (such as certain universities and hospitals), and corporate tax returns. These audits are designed as an accountability mechanism and serve to ensure that public money is spent in an appropriate manner. Additionally, the auditor general undertakes performance audits, which are designed to determine program efficiency and effectiveness, of certain organizations, such as veteran's homes, prisons, and mental health centers.[1]

List of auditors generalEdit

Name Term Party
George Bryan Jr. 1809–1821 Democratic
James Duncan 1821–1824 Democratic-Republican Party
David Mann 1824–1830 Democratic-Republican
Daniel Sturgeon 1830–1836 Democratic
Nathaniel P. Hobart 1836–1839 Anti-Masonic Party
George R. Espy 1839–1842 Democratic
William F. Packer 1842–1845 Democratic
John N. Purviance 1845–1851 Democratic
Ephraim Banks 1851–1857 Democratic
Jacob Fry Jr. 1857–1860 Democratic
Thomas E. Cochran 1860–1863 Republican
Isaac Slenker 1863–1866 Democratic
John F. Hartranft 1866–1872 Republican
Harrison Allen 1872–1875 Republican
Justus F. Temple 1875–1878 Democratic
William P. Schell 1878–1881 Democratic
John A. Lemon 1881–1884 Republican
Jerome B. Niles 1884–1887 Republican
A. Wilson Norris 1887–1888 Republican
Thomas McCamant 1888–1892 Republican
David McMurtrie Gregg 1892–1895 Republican
Amos H. Mylin 1895–1898 Republican
Levi G. McCauley 1898–1901 Republican
Edmund B. Hardenbergh 1901–1904 Republican
William Preston Snyder 1904–1907 Republican
Robert K. Young 1907–1910 Republican
A.E. Sisson 1910–1913 Republican
Archibald W. Powell 1913–1917 Republican
Charles A. Snyder 1917–1921 Republican
Samuel S. Lewis 1921–1925 Republican
Edward Martin 1925–1929 Republican
Charles A. Waters 1929–1933 Republican
Frank E. Baldwin 1933–1937 Republican
Warren R. Roberts 1937–1941 Democratic
F. Clair Ross 1941–1944 Democratic
Ted A. Rosenberg 1945 Democratic
G. Harold Wagner 1945–1949 Democratic
Weldon Brinton Heyburn 1949–1953 Republican
Charles R. Barber 1953–1957 Republican
Charles C. Smith 1957–1961 Republican
Thomas Z. Minehart 1961–1965 Democratic
Grace M. Sloan 1965–1969 Democratic
Bob Casey Sr. 1969–1977 Democratic
Al Benedict 1977–1985 Democratic
Donald A. Bailey 1985–1989 Democratic
Barbara Hafer 1989–1997 Republican
Bob Casey Jr. 1997–2005 Democratic
Jack Wagner 2005–2013 Democratic
Eugene DePasquale 2013–2021 Democratic
Timothy DeFoor 2021– Republican

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