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Penghu County Government

The Penghu County Government (Chinese: 澎湖縣政府; pinyin: Pēnghú Xiàn Xhèngfǔ) is the local government of the Republic of China that governs Penghu County. The government is located at Penghu County Hall in Magong City.

Penghu County Government
Penghu County Hall 20150618.jpg
Penghu County Hall
Agency overview
Formed22 January 1946[1]
JurisdictionPenghu County
HeadquartersMagong, Penghu, Taiwan
Agency executive
Lai Feng-wei, the incumbent Magistrate of Penghu County.


Penghu County government was established on 22 January 1946.[3]

Organizational structureEdit

City and township officesEdit

  • Magong City Office
  • Husi Township Office
  • Baisha Township Office
  • Siyu Township Office
  • Wang-an Township Office
  • Cimei Township Office

County government headquarterEdit

  • Executive Officer
  • Senior Secretary
  • Secretary
  • Consumer Protection Officer

Internal unitEdit

  • Civil Affairs Department
  • Finance Department
  • Economic Affairs Department
  • Education Department
  • Public Works Department
  • Tourism Department
  • Social Affairs Department
  • General Affairs Department
  • Personnel Department
  • Civil service Ethics Department
  • Accounting and Statistics Department

External agenciesEdit


  • Police Bureau
  • Environmental Protection Bureau
  • Local Tax Bureau
  • Fire Bureau
  • Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau
  • City Bus and Ferry Management Office
  • Public Health Bureau
  • Cultural Affairs Bureau


  • Land Office
  • Animal Disease Control Center
  • County Stadium
  • Marine Life Propagation Station
  • Family Education Center
  • Penghu County Forestry and Park Management Center
  • Magong City Household Registration Office
  • Baisha Township Household Registration Office
  • Huxi Township Household Registration Office
  • Cimei Township Household Registration Office
  • Wangan Township Household Registration Office
  • Xiyu Township Household Registration Office

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Coordinates: 23°34′12″N 119°33′59″E / 23.5700°N 119.5665°E / 23.5700; 119.5665