Peddintlamma Temple, Kolletikota

Peddintlamma Temple is a Hindu pilgrimage center. It is located on the shores of Kolleru Lake in Kolletikota of Eluru district in Andhra Pradesh. During the 13th century, the temple was constructed by an Eastern Ganga Dynasty Army General under the reign of the Eastern Gangas.

Peddintlamma Temple
Sri Peddintlamma Temple Kolletikota.jpg
Sri Peddintlamma Temple in Kolletikota
DeityPeddintlamma or Perrantalu
StateAndhra Pradesh
Peddintlamma Temple, Kolletikota is located in Andhra Pradesh
Peddintlamma Temple, Kolletikota
Location in Andhra Pradesh
Geographic coordinates16°37′39″N 81°17′21″E / 16.6276°N 81.2893°E / 16.6276; 81.2893Coordinates: 16°37′39″N 81°17′21″E / 16.6276°N 81.2893°E / 16.6276; 81.2893
TypeKalinga Architecture, South Indian


During the 13th century, Kolletikota region was under the reign of the Eastern Ganga monarchs[1] who ruled from the capital at Cuttack in Odisha. One of his forts was located at Kolletikota. His enemy Muhammadin was encamped at Chigurukota on the shores of Kolleru Lake. When war broke out between the Gajapati and Muhammadin. the Odia army general[2] sacrificed his own daughter named Peddintlamma/Perrantalu to appease the gods on his success. Finally Odia forces won the war and the Army General built a temple dedicated to his daughter named Peddintlamma.



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