Peculiarities of National Politics

Peculiarities of National Politics (Russian: Особенности национальной политики, romanizedOsobennosti natsionalnoi politiki) is a 2003 comedy film directed by Dmitry Meskhiev and Yuri Konopkin.[1][2]

Peculiarities of National Politics
Peculiarities of National Politics.jpg
Directed byDmitry Meskhiev
Yuri Konopkin
Produced byAleksandr Tyutrumov
Written byAleksandr Rogozhkin
StarringAlexey Buldakov
Viktor Bychkov
Sergei Gusinsky
Music byEvgeny Fyodorov
CinematographySergei Machilsky
Edited byTamara Lipartia
ATK Studio
Release date
  • 2003 (2003)
Running time
86 minutes


General Ivolgin is ready to go into big politics. High ratings of the unknown opponent confuse the competitors. They try to unravel the secret of the general's popularity and are taking steps to discredit him and even attempt to murder the general.



Director of the previous films in the Peculiarities of National... series, Aleksandr Rogozhkin, wrote the screenplay for the picture, but declined to direct. Dmitry Meskhiev was then chosen as director, but because of financial reasons the production was stalled and later Yuri Konopkin finished the picture [3]

Most of the film was shot in Pskov[1]


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