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Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard

The Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard is a United States Navy shipyard located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. It is one of just four shipyards operated by the United States Navy.[1] The shipyard is physically a part of Naval Station Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
US Navy 090618-N-0676F-003 he Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS Buffalo (SSN 715) undocks from Dry Dock 2 at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.jpg
USS Buffalo in Dry Dock 2 at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard
Site information
Controlled byUnited States Navy
Site history
In use1908–present

The Naval Station had existed in Pearl Harbor since 1898, but in 1908 the United States Congress allocated $3 million to build the shipyard, then called Navy Yard Pearl Harbor.[2] The shipyard grew quickly, and work began on the first drydock, which collapsed before opening in 1913. After rebuilding, Dry Dock #1 was opened August 21, 1919.[3] Through these years, the shipyard was just a part of the Naval Station. The shipyard officially became its own entity in December 1945 as part of the Navy's effort to separate military from industrial operations.

The shipyard has grown to four drydocks, which are mainly used for repairing and maintaining nuclear submarines.[4]


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