Peace TV Bangla

Peace TV Bangla[4] (Bengali: পিস টিভি বাংলা) is a Bengali language Islamic television network. Peace TV programs are in Bengali and some are dubbed into Bengali language and telecast free-to-air. The founder and president of Peace TV Bangla is Zakir Naik,[5] an Islamic preacher from Mumbai, India.

Peace TV Bangla
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
Broadcast areaMiddle East, Bangladesh and India
Sloganমানবতার সমাধান
Picture format576i (SDTV)
OwnerZakir Naik (founder and president)
Lords Production Ltd, a subsidiary of Universal Broadcasting Corporation Ltd
Sister channelsPeace TV, Peace TV Urdu, Peace TV Chinese
Launched22 April 2011

Since 22 April 2011, Peace TV Bangla channel has been telecast worldwide but mainly in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Australia.[6][7] Since 21 January 2006, its sister channel, Peace TV channel has been telecast to more than 200 countries[8] around the world, including in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and North America.[6][7] and 2009 (Peace TV Urdu) was launched, which is dedicated especially to the Urdu-speaking viewers around the world. Peace TV network covers live events,[9] lecturing programs for adults and youths, as well as educational programs for children. Its president, Zakir Naik, often calls it an "edutainment channel".[10]

After the Dhaka Terror Attack in which 29 people were killed, including 20 hostages (18 foreigners and 2 locals) and investigations in the matter revealed that one of terrorists involved in the attack had posted sermons of Zakir Naik on social media where Naik has urged "all Muslims to be terrorists" saying "if he is terrorizing a terrorist, he is following Islam".[11]

The channel was banned by the Government of Bangladesh on 10 July 2016.[12]

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