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CCGS Bartlett moored in Patricia Bay, 21 September 2006 at 12:30

Patricia Bay ("Pat Bay" to locals) is a body of salt water that extends east from Saanich Inlet and forms part of the shoreline of North Saanich, British Columbia. It lies due west of Victoria International Airport. A municipal park covers most of its eastern shore except at the southern end, which is home to a Canadian Coast Guard base, a seaplane port known as Victoria Airport Water Aerodrome, and two Canadian Government research facilities – the Institute of Ocean Sciences and GSC Pacific Sidney (formerly the Pacific Geoscience Centre).[1]


Patricia Bay was named after Princess Patricia of Connaught, daughter of the Duke of Connaught, Governor-General, who laid the cornerstone of the Connaught Wing (houses the Legislative Library) of the Parliament Buildings on 28 September 1912.[2]

In the 1900s, there was a train track that connected Sidney and Victoria. The Canadian National Railway controlled the track but later abandoned it in 1931. The track was moved south.

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Coordinates: 48°39′N 123°28′W / 48.650°N 123.467°W / 48.650; -123.467