Patareshnes (Ptahreshnes), formerly (and mistakenly) read as Penreshnes,[2] was a consort of Pharaoh Shoshenq I. Her name means "the land rejoices in her." She was the mother of Nimlot B, the Overseer of the Army of Neni-nesu (Herakleopolis Magna). The names of her parents are not known, but her father held the title "Great Chief of the Foreigners," indicating he was Libyan.[2] Patareshnes is known from a number of documents, particularly a statue of her son Nimlot B now in Vienna (ÄOS 5791).[3]

Queen consort of Egypt
SpousePharaoh Shoshenq I
IssueNimlot B
Dynasty22nd of Egypt
FatherUnknown "Great Chief of the Foreigners"
ReligionAncient Egyptian religion
Era: 3rd Intermediate Period
(1069–664 BC)
Egyptian hieroglyphs


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