Passport Scotch, also called Passport Blended Scotch Whisky, is a brand of scotch whisky produced by the Chivas Brothers subsidiary of Pernod Ricard in Scotland. It was first produced by Seagram Distillers, PLC.[1]

Passport Scotch
TypeScotch whisky
ManufacturerChivas Brothers
(Pernod Ricard)
Country of origin Scotland
Alcohol by volume 40%
WebsitePassport Scotch

According to Classic Blended Scotch by Jim Murray, Passport is a blend of more flavored highland malts with lighter and sweet lowland whiskies, made at Seagram's Speyside distilleries.[2] The particular blend used in Passport Scotch was first produced in the 1960s by master blender Jimmy Lang, of Seagram's Scottish subsidiary Chivas Brothers, and started being sold in 1965.[3] It sold 1.7 million bottles in 2015, being a strong performer in Brazil (where it is second on the Scotch whisky market), Portugal, Poland, Spain, Mexico and India.[2]

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