Pasimoni River

The Pasimoni River (Spanish: Rio Pasimoni) is a river in the state of Amazonas, Venezuela. It is a tributary of the Casiquiare canal, in turn a tributary of the Rio Negro.

Pasimoni River
Pasimoni River is located in Venezuela
Pasimoni River
Mouth location in Venezuela
Native nameRio Pasimoni  (Spanish)
Physical characteristics
 • coordinates
1°55′02″N 66°35′58″W / 1.917097°N 66.599434°W / 1.917097; -66.599434Coordinates: 1°55′02″N 66°35′58″W / 1.917097°N 66.599434°W / 1.917097; -66.599434
Basin features
River systemRio Negro

The Pasimoni forms on the northern slope of the Cerro de la Neblina and flows northward to Casiquiare canal. It surrounded by low, poorly drained country.[1] It drains a heavily forested region where the driest months are December to February, but rain is common in the dry season.[2] It is a classic blackwater river with low pH, conductivity, solute and nutrients.[3]

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