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Parsijoo (Persian: پارسی‌جو) is an independent knowledge-base Internet company, operating as a search engine for the Persian language. As of 2016, Parsijoo had 600,000 hits and 120,000 searches per day.[2] Parsijoo is Iran's second most visited search engine after Google.[2]

Type of site
search engine
Available inIran
FoundedMay 18, 2010; 9 years ago (2010-05-18)
Alexa rankNegative increase 26,313 (As of 14 May 2019)[1]


The study phase of the project was started in 2001 and the first version of Parsijoo was released on the web in 2010 with just one service: web search. but now, it is providing more than is various online services which are currently running on fifth edition[3] (including image, music and news service). Parsijoo’s design is primarily based on the Persian language and culture.

Each service has its own goal to help users find what they look for in the vast information available on the web.


  • Web[4] - Quick and precise search among the Persian pages.
  • Ava[7] - search through songs, music tracks and audio files, and play and download directly
  • News[8] - the most intelligent Iranian news search service that has crawled news pages from more than 60 news website and provide the news to users with categorizing and intelligent grouping.
  • Market[9] - Market service has crawled different products from more than 20 online shopping reputable websites, and the product specifications (price, inventory, features), as well as the final purchase page provide to the user directly via a search.
  • Map[10] - Parsijoo map service is known as the first and most specialized native map service in Iran. Parsijoo map service has so important features such as wide coverage, precise details, draw ability, edit, location register (add a place), unique cartography, various information layers and multiple updates at short time intervals. There are currently about 650 cities of Iran with the coverage of 80% with more than 530 layers of information.
  • Download[11] - Download service has crawled some various downloaded files (software, Android apps, books, movies, animation, etc.) of more than 20 respected and authorized download websites, and then the final files provide to the user directly via a search. The ability to categorize and grouping, as well as remove duplicates is in this service.
  • Translate[12] - powered by Targoman translate system and translates the text or word in real-time and online mode.

Value Added Services(VAS)Edit

  • Online employment[15] - Employment service has crawled job opportunities from reputable websites and provides users the ability to search and display the most relevant results.
  • Prayer times
  • Calendar
  • Sport
  • Price - the prices of some index items (e.g., currency, coins, stock exchange).

Parsijoo ShakhesEdit

Parsijoo Shakhes[16] is the first and only analyst of persian web pages. It provides quantitative and qualitative information about the status of Persian web pages on Farsi web.(e.g. Alexa) .

Shakhes is able to display the number of crawled and indexed pages of a site, and then show the visibility mode of the site in Parsijoo search engine. Using the Shakhes, will be able to observe the number (and name) of sites that have links to a website, the number of clicks made on the site and also website ratings.

Customs ServicesEdit

Parsijoo provides some custom services for enterprises and developers such as customized web search, enterprise search engine and map personalization management services (Location-Based).

Custom SearchEdit

Parsijoo APIsEdit

  • Parsijoo Map API[17]
  • Parsijoo Weather API
  • Parsijoo Price API

Parsijoo Add-onsEdit

Parsijoo Advertising SystemEdit

Parsijoo Banner AdvertisingEdit

Parsijoo Targeted AdvertisingEdit

Kids Games - Play Kids Games | Share-Games

Parsijoo BlogEdit

The official Parsijoo blog , i.e. is the nearest link between users and Parsijoo. Users will be able to inform the latest changes, services, new features, articles, technical comments, IT & search news, Parsijoo statistics, interesting images & videos and whatever occurred as a new move in Parsijoo.

Parsijoo Mobile ApplicationsEdit

According to the importance of mobile apps in users intelligent life, Parsijoo has done design and develop of three Android apps. Parsijoo offered three different Android apps has been welcomed by users.

  • Parsijoo Mobile Application - search in web, music (Ava), images, videos، news, download and market.
  • Parsijoo Translate Application - translate the texts
  • khabarjoo Application - search and view the news

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