Parlami d'amore

Parlami d'amore (English: Speak to me of love) is a 2008 Italo-Spanish film directed by Silvio Muccino. The film is based on Muccino's novel of the same name that he co-wrote with Carla Vangelista. The film was nominated for 8 David di Donatello awards. The film was released in Italy on 14 February 2008.

Parlami d'amore
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Directed bySilvio Muccino
Written bySilvio Muccino
Carla Vangelista
Produced byMarco Chimenz
Giovanni Stabilini
Riccardo Tozzi
Francesca Longardi
StarringSilvio Muccino
Aitana Sánchez-Gijón
Carolina Crescentini
CinematographyArnaldo Catinari
Edited byPatrizio Marone
Music byAndrea Guerra
Release date
14 February 2008 (Italy)
Running time
115 minutes


Distracted by taking her antidepressants, Nicole (Sanchez-Gijon) causes an accident with Sasha (Muccino), who's just left a communal home for the families of drug addicts. Despite the circumstances of their meeting, the pair become friends and Sasha seeks Nicole's help in pursuing his love interest, Bendetta (Crescentini). Despite her beauty, Bendetta is the spoiled daughter of Sasha's patron, Riccardo (Colangeli) She appears to spend much of her time abusing alcohol, surrounded by like-minded rich youth that also delve into cocaine.

Sasha is then approached by a former acquaintance, former addict, Fabrizio (Mazzotta) who is looking for money to participate in an upcoming poker game. Sasha decides to get involved in the game himself. He scores big and adapts to the gambler's lifestyle, gaining respect from Bendetta's spoiled friends. Meanwhile Nicole's life continues to unravel, racked by feelings of guilt over the death of her former lover ten years earlier. She even visit's the forgiving mother (Chaplin) of her former lover. She also looks for escape from her passionless marriage and looks towards Sasha.[1]



The film debuted at no. 1 on the Italian box office.[2] It had grossed over $11. 5 million by the end of March 2008.[1]




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