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Paris Hilton's Dubai BFF, sometimes alternatively referred to as Paris Hilton's BFF Dubai, is a reality television show from Dubai, where Paris Hilton searches for her new best friend in the Middle East. It is the fourth and final incarnation of the My New BFF franchise. After many delays, this season premiered on MTV in several countries during April, 2011. The winner was Reem Al Alnezi from Kuwait.

Paris Hilton's Dubai BFF
Paris Hilton's Dubai BFF (title card).jpg
StarringParis Hilton
Opening theme"My BFF" by Paris Hilton
Country of originUnited Arab Emirates
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes9
Running time60 Minutes (including commercials)
Original networkDubai TV (planned, cancelled) MTV (picked-up)
Original releaseApril 17, 2011
Preceded byParis Hilton's My New BFF (season 2)
Related showsThe World According to Paris
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Season informationEdit

Partial Dubai BFF cast at Press Conference

Shooting started on June 17, 2009 and shot for seventeen days. In these seventeen days Hilton desires to find a new BFF in a group of twenty female contestants; originally reported to be ten female Arab citizens of Dubai and ten women of other nationalities, but currently living there.[1] In the first episode, it was revealed that the initial contestant count actually came to 24 and featured women from all over the world.[2]

Hilton had also never been to Dubai before, so part of the show includes her initial reactions to her first trip to the United Arab Emirates. In a fashion similar to Onch during Paris Hilton's My New BFF (season 2), the show features a co-host. Nayla Al Khaja, a Dubai film-maker and friend of Hilton's, filled this role. While being an integral part of the show, including during eliminations and providing updates to the contestants, Al Khaja also assisted Hilton as a guide while in the Middle East.

The series is reported to feature a social event in The BED Lounge, a club in Dubai. Tickets to attend the event were sold freely.[3]

On June 17 Hilton started posting pictures of Dubai and the places she's visiting there on her Twitter page. Parts of the show will probably take place here. Hilton's pictures included a slide called the Leap of Faith[4][5] and an aquarium.[6]

The last episode of the show concluded with a final shoot in Los Angeles.

Cultural difficultiesEdit

Dubai TV executive, Ziad Batal explained that this version "would have to be compatible with cultural sensitivities as Hilton is known for her wild partying."[7] Ish Entertainment co-founder Michael Hirschhorn expanded on this, explaining that the Dubai production won't be quite as racy as the U.S. or U.K. editions. Alcohol, normally a reality TV staple, won't play a role on this version. Swearing, sexually explicit conversation or risque clothing will be kept to a minimum. The production had to receive several layers of approval before moving forward; even Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, had to give his blessing.

Legal issues & delayed airdatesEdit

Legal issues delayed the airing of this series for over a year.

A suit was filed against producers by an American woman with no official connection to the program, Lisa Miceli, in June after she felt the show, including Hilton and Ish Entertainment, had attempted a "hostile takeover" of her life, including attempts to interfere with her alleged personal relationship with Sheik Ahmed Bin Saeed Bin Al Maktoum, of Dubai, whom she said she plans to marry. It is thought promotion and airing of the series has been halted due to this, however the suit has since been dismissed, allowing for plans for the series to proceed.[8]

While it was originally expected to air in Winter 2010,[9] Lionsgate Television executives claim producers at Uniqon Emirates, LLC signed a written agreement, worth US$8 million, to co-produce and distribute Paris Hilton's Dubai BFF in the Middle East. Uniqon Emirates failed to pay more than $4.7 million to cover the production and distribution costs and Lionsgate filed a federal suit for breach of contract in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles on February 2, 2010.[10]

No official outcome for the suit was announced, however the series failed to air on Dubai TV, the announced original network for this version. MTV, being the original stakeholders for the franchise, came to the seemingly doomed series' rescue. MTV assumed worldwide airing rights for Dubai BFF[11] and the series began airing on various MTV networks throughout the world in early 2011.[12][13][14] Producers initially stated they planned to also licence the U.A.E. version for U.S. airing, however the U.S. MTV is still yet to add Dubai BFF to their schedule.

Despite rumors suggesting Hilton may be shooting a second season of the Dubai BFF series in mid-2011,[15] she has since clarified that she will not be shooting any further seasons of the BFF franchise and that she has moved on.[16][17]


Table will be filled in as the season progresses and the announced contestants are eliminated.

Country Contestants Rank Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9
  Branka Conda 7th SAFE WIN BTM2 WIN SAFE TTYN
  Farhana Bodi 8th SAFE SAFE SAFE BTM4 TTYS
  Christiane Zeitouny 9th SAFE WIN SAFE TTYS
  Marta Vezzaro 10th SAFE WIN SAFE TTYS
  Bassant Shams 11th SAFE STAR TTYN
  Dalila Laaribi 12th SAFE TTYN
  Alaa Alkhalil 13th TTYN
  Angel Arbid 13th TTYN
  Nagris Khamraeva 13th TTYN
  Katra Abdinur 13th TTYN
  Monica 13th TTYN
  Megan Brooks 18th TTYN
  Natalia Kapchuk 19th TTYN BACK
  Liliya Afridi 19th TTYN
  Celina Batista 19th TTYN
  Tarin Savage 19th TTYN
  Kelly Haechler 19th TTYN
  Yasmin Haring 24th TTYN
     The contestant are the Little Star and won the challenge.
     The contestant was originally put up for discussion, but the decision was reversed, because won the challenge.
     The contestant was up for discussion, but was safe.
     The contestant is a female and not an Arabic citizen but currently living in Dubai.
     The contestant was eliminated.
     The contestant was eliminated by Nayla.
     The contestant was eliminated outside of panel.
     The contestant won the episode's challenge and was safe from elimination.
     The contestant was named Paris Hilton's Little Star.
     The contestant is guest.
     The contestant became Paris' new BFF.
     The contestant won the challenge but was put up for discussion
     The contestant was the Little Star and was eliminated.
TTYN – Talk To You Never, the goodbye message for eliminated contestants.
TTYS – Talk To You Soon, the goodbye message for eliminated contestants that Paris wants to keep in touch but not be best friends, Just Friends
  • Yasmin, Tarin, Kelly, Liliya, Natalia & Celina was eliminated outside of panel, & was eliminated by Nayla (co-host).
  • In Episode 4 has a double elimination first part the bottom 2 was Farhana and Marta; the second part the bottom 2 was Reem and Christy.
  • Dana is the 2 second contestan that was in the final without anytime in the bottom.
  • Amy was the first contestant that was in the bottom most consecutive times (3 times).
  • Mandy is the first contestan with most "SAFE" status (6 times).
  • Marta was the first TTYS elimination on this season.


Episode Challenge Winner Prize
1 Interview with Paris No One ---
2 Camel Challenge Bassant Private time with Paris & Spa Treatment
Commercial with Paris Hilton's products Marta, Christy, Dina & Branka Paris Hilton's watches
3 Fake or Real Dana Change of Look
Story Challenge Dina Private Time with Paris
4 Style Challenge Dana & Branka Shopping
5 Mason's Interview Dana Surprise in the penthouse
Gifts to Paris Gelareh, Amy, Dana & Dina Chocolates & Shirts
6 Dinner with Kathy Hilton NA NA
7 Red Carpet Interview Reem Surprise in the penthouse
Paris Hilton photo Dina NA


Rank Country Name Eliminated Reason for elimination Episode eliminated
1   Reem Al Alnezi
on June 12, 2011. Although Paris thought that she and Reem were quite different, she felt that Reem was the most genuine, classy and graceful under pressure, exactly what she wanted from her BFF.
2–3   Dana Elemara
on June 12, 2011.
Paris commented that she had liked Dana from the start and that her mother, Kathy Hilton, liked her the most. However, Paris was concerned that Dana may be confused about who she was, and worried that if they became friends, Dana could change into a different person. Episode 8
  Dina Altaji Paris was concerned with Dina's unpopularity with her fellow contestants. She was also worried by the fact that Dina was voted 'Most Fake' by the other girls at the 'Real or Fake' challenge.
4   Amy Marie Parker
Eliminated 21st
on June 12, 2011.
Paris thought that Amy could be too intense and sometimes not herself. She was concerned that Amy was voted the 3rd most fake in the 'Real or Fake Challenge.' Paris was also worried about Amy's aggressive, out-of-character behaviour towards Farhana. Episode 8
5   Mandy Dabiri
Eliminated 20th
on May 29, 2011.
Paris felt that Mandy was too much of a party animal, who wanted to live Paris' lavish party lifestyle. She thought Mandy was not realistic about being her BFF. Episode 7
6   Galareh Monajemi
Eliminated 19th
on May 29, 2011.
Paris felt that Gelareh could be too negative at times. She also thought that Gelareh was not too keen on wanting to remain in the competition and in actually wanting to be Paris' BFF. Episode 7
7   Branka Conda
Eliminated 18th
on May 22, 2011.
Paris was not present when Branka was eliminated. Instead, Abdul conveyed her message that she could only have one BFF and it would not be Branka. No specific reasons were given, although Paris may have based her decision on her mother's opinion of Branka, as Kathy had a low opinion of Branka. Episode 6
8   Farhana Bodi
Eliminated 17th
on May 15, 2011.
Paris was unsure of her real intentions. She felt that Farhana held back too much, and was too defensive when challenged about being a hungry tiger. Episode 5
9   Christiane "Christy" Zeitouny
Eliminated 16th
on May 8, 2011.
Paris thought that she was too naive and fragile in handling difficult situations. She concluded that Christy would not be able to tolerate her world. Episode 4
10   Marta Vezzaro
Eliminated 15th
on May 8, 2011.
Paris felt that she had a quick temper, reacting too aggressively to the silliest of things, as well as throwing uncalled for tantrums.
11   Bassant Shams
Eliminated 14th
on May 1, 2011.
Paris felt she was untrustworthy, as Bassant was a self-proclaimed "hungry tiger" looking to increase her fame and career opportunities Episode 3
12   Dalila Laaribi
Eliminated 13th
on April 24, 2011.
Paris felt she could be offensive to others with her jokes and carefree attitude. Before Paris announced the elimination, Dalila suddenly insisted on leaving, instead of close friend Dina, which seemed to affect the decision. Episode 2
13–24   Alaa "Ally" Alkhalil
Eliminated 1st/ 12th
on April 17, 2011.
Did not give a good first impression to Paris.1 Episode 1
  Angel Arbid
  Nagris Khamraeva
  Katra Abdinur
  Megan Brooks
  Natalia Kapchuk
  Liliya Afridi
  Celina Batista
  Tarin Savage
  Jackie Bonilla
  Yasmin Haring
  1. ^ They were eliminated outside of panel.

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