Panini may refer to:


Art, entertainment, and mediaEdit

  • Panini Group, a company headquartered in Modena, Italy, best known for its brand of collectible stickers
    • Panini Comics, a publisher of comic books and magazines, part of Panini Group
  • Panini, a character in the animated television series Chowder
  • "Panini" (song), by American rapper Lil Nas X from his debut EP 7

Other usesEdit

  • Panini (sandwich), a type of sandwich, Italian in origin
  • Panini (tribe), an alternative taxonomical grouping posited to classify chimpanzees and bonobos
  • Panini Modena, the original name of Modena Volley, an Italian volleyball team
  • Panini projection, a map projection used in image processing, named after Giovanni Paolo Panini

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