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Panglong University (Burmese: ပင်လုံ တက္ကသိုလ်) is a university in Panglong, Southern Shan State, Myanmar. It is a government institution, aimed at improving education in Southern Shan State. It was opened in 2002. Panglong Town is a well known member of the Panglong Agreement. The university now offers mainly undergraduate and postgraduate (bachelor's, master's and doctorate) degree programmes in education, sciences and law. The university is composed of the major faculties such as Bachelor of Arts: English, history, geology, law, geography and Bachelor of Science: mathematics, zoology, botany, physics, chemistry. There are more than 1,000 students who have graduated from the university. In 2017 this university distance education offers mainly undergraduate and postgraduate (bachelor's) degree programmes in Education, B.A, B.Sc., L.L.B. The university of distance Education of the major faculties such as a Bachelor of Art: Myanmar, English, geography, history, Oriental studies and Bachelor of Science: mathematics, botany, zoology, physics, chemistry.


Panglong University offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. The undergraduate programmes are subdivided into three categories: Arts (B.A.), Sciences (B.Sc.), and Law (LL.B). The choice of different fields of learning takes place in school where students choose particular subjects directed towards their tertiary education.

Program Bachelor's Master's
Botany BSc MSc
Chemistry BSc MSc
English BA MA
Geography BA MA
Geology BSc MSc
History BA MA
Mathematics BSc MSc
Myanmar BA MA
Oriental Studies BA MA
Philosophy BA MA
Physics BSc MSc
Psychology BA MA
Zoology BSc MSc

Main DepartmentsEdit

  1. Department of Botany
  2. Department of Chemistry
  3. Department of English
  4. Department of Geography
  5. Department of Geology
  6. Department of History
  7. Department of Law
  8. Department of Mathematics
  9. Department of Myanmar
  10. Department of Oriental Studies
  11. Department of Philosophy
  12. Department of Physics
  13. Department of Psychology
  14. Department of Zoology.

Each department offers an undergraduate degree programme. The Department of International Relations offers two: the Bachelor of Arts (International Relations) and the Bachelor of Arts (Political Science).


The University of Panglong,now has been headed by an academic dean known as a rector.

  1. Dr Htay Aung