Pan Hong (Chinese: 潘虹, born November 4, 1954) is a Chinese film actress. She is widely regarded as one of the best film stars in her generation.

Pan Hong

(1954-11-04) 4 November 1954 (age 67)
Alma materShanghai Theatre Academy
Years active1977 – present
AwardsChangchun Film Festival
Best Actress
1994 Shanghai Fever
Damascus International Film Festival
Best Actress
1987 Last Queen
Shanghai Film Critics Awards
Best Actress
1994 Shanghai Fever
Taormina Film Fest
Best Actress
1988 WellHuabiao AwardsOutstanding Actress
1994 Shanghai Fever

Golden Rooster AwardsBest Actress
1983 At Middle Age
1988 Well
1994 Shanghai Fever

Hundred Flowers AwardsBest Actress
1994 Shanghai Fever

Chinese name
Traditional Chinese潘虹
Simplified Chinese潘虹
Musical career
Also known asHong Pan

Early lifeEdit

Born Liu Ronghua (刘蓉华) on November 4, 1954, in Shanghai. During the Cultural Revolution, her parents were forced to get divorced. Then, she changed her surname "Liu" (her father's) to Pan (her mother's) and lived with her mother who was born in 1922.[1] On April 19, 1968, her father killed himself because of persecution. Two days later, she came to the crematorium alone and took her father's urn back to her father's native place, Harbin by taking the train.[2]


After Pan graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy, she performed several supporting roles in films. In 1982, she shot-fame as a leading actress for At the Middle Age.[3] She was awarded a Hundred Flowers Award, Changchun Film Festival Golden Deer, Shanghai Film Critics Award. As the Golden Rooster Award for Best Actress three-time winner, Pan received a Golden Rooster Special Award in 1994. Chinese critics named her "The last noble in the Chinese film industry".[4] She is the vice-chairman of the China Film Association and China Film Performance Academic Society.[5]

Personal lifeEdit

It is said[who?] that Pan Hong's paternal grandfather is a Russian man. In 1978, 24-year-old Pan married Mi Jiashan (米家山) who is seven years older (born in May 1947. Mi, at that time, was a common worker in Shanghai Filmmaking Factory. Mi's hometown is in Chengdu, Sichuan. After marriage, most of time Pan lived in Chengdu. The couple divorced in 1986. After divorce, Pan returned to Shanghai and lived with her mother temporarily.[6] New Year's Day in 1989, Pan Hong stayed in New York with the group who is shooting a film called The Last Aristocrat. The year before, she was photographed by an American reporter and became the cover of Times in Sept 12th, 1988. She was the second Chinese (the first being Deng Xiaoping) and the first Chinese actress to become the cover of the magazine. However, there's no cover picture in Times' official website. On February 8, 1994, Pan Hong formally moved to the house she bought with her loan. In January, 1995, Pan Hong published her diaries written throughout 1994.[7] Around 2003, she converted herself to Buddhism and became a vegetarian. To date, Pan never remarried and has no children.[8]

Selected filmographyEdit


Year Title Role Notes
1977 Slave's Daughter
Mala Wujia
1978 Troubled Laughter
Fu Bin's wife
1982 Du Shiniang
Du Shiniang 3rd place - Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actress
1983 At the Middle Age
Lu Wenting Golden Rooster Award for Best Actress
2nd place - Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actress
1984 Cold Night
Zeng Shusheng
1986 The Last Emperor
Li Shuxian Nominated - Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress
1987 The Last Empress
Wanrong Damascus International Film Festival for Best Actress
Golden Phoenix Award for Female Actor
2nd place - Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actress
1988 Well
Xu Lisha Golden Rooster Award for Best Actress
Taormina International Film Festival for Best Actress
1989 The Last Aristocrats
Li Tong
1990 Single Woman
Ouyang Ruoyun 2nd place - Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actress
1994 Shanghai Fever
Fan Li Golden Rooster Award for Best Actress
Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actress
Changchun Film Festival for Best Actress
Shanghai Film Critics Award for Best Actress
Huabiao Film Award for Outstanding Actress
Golden Phoenix Award for Female Actor
2013 So Young
Chen's mom
2015 Lost in Hong Kong
Xu's mother in law
The Last Women Standing
2016 Kill Time


Year Title Role Notes
2001 Beyond Emotion
Qi Runwu
2002 Wu Tong Yu
Zhu Yugui
Qing Yi
Liu Ruyun
2003 Shao nian tian zi
Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang
2005 Moment in Peking
Mrs. Zeng Nominated - Top Chinese TV Drama Award for Best Supporting Actress
2007 Thank You for Having Loved Me
Su Yuzhen
2008 Taiwan 1895
Empress Dowager Cixi
2012 Mu fu feng yun
Ms. Luoning
2013 Hot Mom
Mrs Deng
2015 Tiger Mom
Sun Yaxian
2018 Win the World Old Madame Ba


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