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China Huabiao Film Awards (Chinese: 中国电影华表奖; pinyin: Zhōngguó Diànyǐng Huábiǎo Jiǎng), also simply known as Huabiao Awards, is an annual awards ceremony for Chinese cinema. Named after the decorative Chinese winged columns (huabiaos), The Huabiao Awards were first instituted in 1957 as the Ministry of Culture Excellence Film awards. Between 1958 and 1979, no awards were given. In 1994, the awards were renamed "Huabiao." The ceremony is held in Beijing, is highest government honor in film industry. Along with Golden Rooster Awards, Hundred Flowers Awards, these are known as China's three main film awards.

China Huabiao Film Awards
Huabiao Award.gif
The Huabiao Award
Awarded forOutstanding in film
Presented byMinistry of Culture of the People's Republic of China
First awarded1957
China Huabiao Film Awards
Simplified Chinese中国电影华表奖

Unlike other award ceremonies, Huabiao Awards for individual categories are often given to multiple nominees.




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