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A palmier (French for "palm tree"), pig's ear[1] or elephant ear[2] is a French pastry in a palm leaf shape or a butterfly shape, sometimes called palm leaves, cœur de France, French hearts, shoe-soles, or glasses.

Alternative names Palm tree, elephant ear, pig's ear
Type Pastry
Place of origin French Algeria
Region or state France
Main ingredients Puff pastry, butter, sugar
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Pig's ears

Palmiers are made from puff pastry, a laminated dough similar to the dough used for croissant, but without the yeast. Puff pastry is made with alternating layers of dough and butter, rolled and folded over to create possibly hundreds of flaky layers. The puff pastry is rolled out, coated with sugar, and then the two sides are rolled up together so that they meet in the middle, making a roll that is then cut into about 14 in (6 mm) slices and baked. Usually it is rolled in sugar before baking. In the Puerto Rican version, it is topped with honey. In Mexico they are known as orejas (ears).

An arlette is a cinnamon-flavoured palmier biscuit.[3]

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