Palestinian Popular Struggle Front (1991)

The Palestinian Popular Struggle Front, Khalid ‘Abd al-Majid faction is a Palestinian political faction formed and led by Khalid ‘Abd al-Majid. The group emerged in 1991 as a split from the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front, whose name it continued to use. ‘Abd al-Majid rejected the decision of the mainstream PPSF leader Samir Ghawshah to rejoin the PLO and to accept the Oslo Accords and the formation of the Palestinian National Authority.

Palestinian Popular Struggle Front
(al-Majid faction)
جبهة النضال الشعبي الفلسطيني
LeadersKhalid ‘Abd al-Majid
Dates of operation1991 – present
Active regionsSyria, Gaza Strip
Left-wing Palestinian nationalism
Part ofAlliance of Palestinian Forces
AlliesSyria Syrian Armed Forces
OpponentsSyrian opposition Syrian opposition and allied mujahideen
 Islamic State

The PPSF, ‘Abd al-Majid faction is based in Damascus, Syria, and plays a negligible role in mainstream Palestinian politics, and is often seen as controlled by the Syrian government. The group is outside the PLO, but participates in the Palestinian National and Islamic Forces and the Damascus-based Alliance of Palestinian Forces.[1]

The group formed an armed wing, the Palestinian Popular Jihad Brigades, in the Gaza strip in July 2008.[2] In October 2008, the group declared itself part of an alliance with the Nasser Brigades and the Palestinian Freedom Movement.[3]

It has taken part in the Syrian Civil War on the side of the Syrian government, fighting against the Syrian opposition in the Siege of Eastern Ghouta, the Battle of Yarmouk Camp (2015), the Southern Damascus offensive (April–May 2018), and other battles.[4][5]


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