Pelabuhanratu Bay

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Palabuhanratu Bay (Indonesian: Teluk Palabuhanratu; Dutch: Wijnkoopsbaai) or Pelabuhan Ratu Sundanese for: Harbor of the Queen, is the largest bay on the coast of the Indian Ocean in the south of West Java. Palabuhanratu fishing village is the major sea port of the bay. Geographically, Pelabuhanratu Bay is located at positions 6 ° 57 'to 7 ° 07' LS and 106 ° 22 'to 106 ° 33' BT with a coastline of 105 km.[1]

Palabuhanratu Bay
Pelabuhan Ratu Bay
Pelabuhan Ratu Bay.JPG
Pelabuhan Ratu Bay
Palabuhanratu Bay is located in Java
Palabuhanratu Bay
Palabuhanratu Bay
LocationSouth Asia
Coordinates7°03′00″S 106°27′00″E / 7.05000°S 106.45000°E / -7.05000; 106.45000Coordinates: 7°03′00″S 106°27′00″E / 7.05000°S 106.45000°E / -7.05000; 106.45000
Native nameIndonesian: Teluk Palabuhanratu
Basin countriesIndonesia
ReferencesTeluk Pelabuhanratu: Indonesia National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Palabuhanratu Bay has charming beaches in part because the shape of the bay resembles the letter U. Bay is also known for it marine life and lobster diversity in particular.[2] Four rivers discharge into Pelabuhanratu Bay, namely:

  • Cimandiri River
  • Cibareno River
  • Cilentuk River
  • Cikanteh River