Pakri Lighthouse

Pakri Lighthouse (Estonian: Pakri tuletorn) is a lighthouse located on the Pakri Peninsula (on the coast of the Baltic Sea), Harju County, in Estonia.[2]

Pakri Lighthouse
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LocationPakri Peninsula, Harju County, Estonia
Coordinates59°23′15″N 24°02′16″E / 59.38740255°N 24.0377221°E / 59.38740255; 24.0377221Coordinates: 59°23′15″N 24°02′16″E / 59.38740255°N 24.0377221°E / 59.38740255; 24.0377221
Constructed1724 (first)
1760 (second)
1808 (third)
1889 (current)
Height52 metres (171 ft)
Shapecylindrical tower with balcony and lantern
Markingsred tower and black lantern
Heritagearchitectural monument Edit this on Wikidata
First lit1889
Focal height73 metres (240 ft)
Lenshyperradiant Fresnel lens Edit this on Wikidata
Range12 nautical miles (22 km; 14 mi)
CharacteristicLFl W 15 s.
Estonia no.EVA 380[1]


The first known lighthouse to be built on the Pakri Peninsula was in 1724. The location of the lighthouse was allegedly picked by Tsar Peter the Great.[3] In the year of 1889, the current lighthouse, made out of limestone, was built 80 metres away from the old one. The Pakri old lighthouse was partially demolished, and used as a paraffin store. The lighthouse and lighthouse keeper's house were severely damaged during World War II; however, these structures have survived, and in 2001 the lighthouse was fully renovated.[4]

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