Pag lace

Pag lace (Croatian: Paška čipka) is a type of lacework from Pag on the island of Pag, it requires a needle, thread and backing which is a round or square hard stuffed pillow.

Pag lace
Bronze statue of a Pag lace-maker, Pag (town)

Lace-makers of Pag did their teg (work) without any drawings. Each woman used works from her mother and grandmothers as examples, each adding a personal touch, something unique and special. Each lace piece is a symbol of the anonymous, modest and self-sacrificing life of its maker.

In 2009, Lacemaking in Croatia, represented by Lepoglava lace, Pag lace and Hvar lace, was inscribed in the UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.[1]

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