Paen Rai Phai Ruk (Thai: แผนร้ายพ่ายรัก, RTGSPhaen Rai Phai Rak; literally: Evil Plan Loses for Love) is a 2013 Thai lakorn (Thai television soap opera) which is aired on Channel 3 and starred Rattapoom Toekongsap and Peeranee Kongthai.[1]

Paen Rai Phai Ruk
Also known asEvil Plan Loses for Love
StarringRattapoom Toekongsap
Peeranee Kongthai
Esther Supreeleela
Jirayu Thantrakul
Country of originThailand
Original languageThai
No. of episodes16
Production locationThailand
Running timeMonday - Tuesday
Original release
NetworkChannel 3
ReleaseMarch 18 (2013-03-18) –
May 7, 2013 (2013-05-07)
Mon Jun Tra
Fah Kra Jao Dao

Synopsis edit

Kemmik (Peeranee Kongthai) is a flight attendant who currently works at the airline company owned by Phisaeng's family. After having a one-night stand with Seua who is later revealed to be Phisaeng (Rattapoom Toekongsap) before the story started, Kemmik had never believed in love since at the time that she had a one-night stand with Seua, she is still a fat young lady of whom she thinks that the guy who never liked and would only like her body, so she decided to be pretty and sexy to get back at those kind of guys.

She later got hired by Phisaeng's mother Saengsuda (Jarunee Suksawat) to destroy the love of Phisaeng whom is thought to be Sawida (Tubtim Pichamon) Phisaeng's secretary at his farm, and bring Phisaeng back to Thailand to manage the airline company instead of the farm that he has been taking care of.

Cast edit

  • Rattapoom Toekongsap (Film) as Phisaeng/Seua/Nai Hua/P'Yai
  • Peeranee Kongthai (Matt) as Kemmik "Kem"
  • Esther Supreeleela as Naetnipha "Naet" - Kemmik's friend and also an air hostess.
  • Jirayu Thantrakul (Got) as Konthee - Phisaeng's friend

Supporting Cast

  • Warulak Sirimaneewattana (Gale) as Phisinee - Phisaeng's sister and Phitya's wife.
  • Surint Karawoot (Woot) as Phitya - A pilot in Phisinee's family airline company who later becomes Kemmik's boyfriend but later broke up with her, after many years he once again met up with Kemmik in the airline company in which Kemmik also work as a flight attendant, and at that time it is announced that he will marry Phisinee, but also claim that he still love Kemmik and misses her a lot, but Kemmik just brush him off and he still continued to marry Phisinee.
  • Santisuk Promsiri (Noom) as Phisut - Phisaeng and Phisinee's father.
  • Jarunee Suksawat (Ple) as Saengsuda - Phisut's wife and Phisaeng and Phisinee's mother.
  • Alex Thiradaet as Dr. Prin - A veterinarian and friend of Phisaeng.
  • Tubtim Pichamon as Sawida - Phisaeng's secretary who likes Phisaeng because of his fortune and will do anything just to make Phisaeng like her.

References edit