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P K Rosy (Rajamma, Rosamma, Rajammal)[2], a Dalit Christian woman, was the first heroine of the first Malayalam movie Vigathakumaran (The Lost Child), directed by J.C. Daniel.[3] She played the character of a Nair woman "Sarojini" in the movie.[2]

P. K. Rosy
PK Rosy.jpg
P K Rosy in 1928
Born 1903[1]
Thycaud, Trivandrum
Died 1988[1]
Occupation Actor
Years active 1928–1930
Spouse(s) Kesava Pillai[1]
Children Padma, Nagappan[1]
Parent(s) Poulose, Kunji[1]

The Kerala government plans to revive her memories and honour her work by instating a film award sponsored by the state government in her name.

In 2013, Kamal directed a biopic on J.C. Daniel, titled Celluloid. The film is partially based on the novel Nashta Naayika by Vinu Abraham, also deals with the life of Rosy, the lead actress in Vigathakumaran. Newcomer Chandni Geetha portrays Rosy.[4]


She was born to Paulose and Kunji, as Rosamma, in 1903 at Nandankode, Trivandrum. She was a stage performer and acted in first ever Malayalam silent movie. However, the feudal lords angry that a Thiyya woman potrayed an upper caste in the movie burnt her hut. She escaped from the mob to Tamil Nadu. She was married to Kesava Pillai. Padma and Nagappa are their children. Janamma David who became famous for song Ellarum Chollanu of movie Neelakuyil is P.K. Rosy's close relative from father's side. Rosy died in 1988, without the world knowing she was the first actress of Malayalam cinema.[5]


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