Pētõr Damberg

Pētõr Damberg (About this soundlisten , Latvian: Pēteris Dambergs, Russian: Пётр Дамберг (Russian pronunciation: [ˈpʲɵtr ˈdamʲbʲɪrk]); March 9, 1909 Sīkrags – April 25, 1987) was Livonian linguist, poet and teacher. He graduated from a teacher school in Jelgava and worked as a Livonian language teacher. He worked on developing Livonian grammar, wrote several poems in Livonian and translated books into Livonian. His most important works were Livonian school books, which became the most common Livonian language books in use for teaching. After World War II he worked as a private teacher. He died on March 15, 1987 and was buried in a graveyard in Baltezers.


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