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Ozay Mehmet

Ozay Mehmet (born 1938, in Nicosia, Cyprus) is professor emeritus of international affairs at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. He has several academic books on economic development and more than one hundred articles in scholarly journals. In retirement he has published historical novels on Cyprus. He lives with his family in Ottawa and spends part of the year in Cyprus.



Mehmet was born in 1938 in Nicosia, Cyprus into a Turkish Cypriot family.[1] He studied at the London School of Economics between 1959 and 1962. Subsequently, he received his MA and PhD in economics at the University of Toronto on a Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship. He has taught at various Canadian universities including: the University of Windsor, York University, the University of Toronto, the University of Ottawa and Carleton University. Mehmet is a specialist in economic development, with special reference to Asian Tigers, Turkey and Cyprus. He has consulted extensively for the WB, ADB, CIDA, CFTC, and UN agencies (ILO, WHO, UNDP). He is the author of 21 academic books and over 100 articles in top academic journals. In retirement, he has started writing historical novels.[2]


Academic booksEdit

  • Mehmet, Ozay (1978), Economic Planning and Social Justice in Developing Countries, Taylor & Francis, ISBN 0856645524 .
  • Mehmet, Ozay (1986), Development in Malaysia: Poverty, Wealth, and Trusteeship, Routledge, ISBN 0709935250 .
  • Mehmet, Ozay (1991), Islamic Identity and Development: Studies of the Islamic Periphery, Routledge, ISBN 0415043867 .
  • Mehmet, Ozay (1999), Westernizing the Third World: The Eurocentricity of Economic Development Theories, Routledge, ISBN 0415205743 .
  • Mehmet, Ozay (2009), Sustainability of Microstates: The Case of North Cyprus, University of Utah Press, ISBN 0874809835 .

Historical novelsEdit

  • Mehmet, Ozay (2011), Uzun Ali: Shame and Salvation, Wisdom House Publications, ISBN 1842902369 .

Personal lifeEdit

Mehmet is married and has three sons; he resides in Ottawa with his wife Karen.[2]


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