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Cyprus Mail is the only English-language daily newspaper published in Cyprus. It was established in 1945. It claims to take a completely independent political position and to have no political affiliations,[1] although observers describe it as politically conservative.[2] It is published daily (except Mondays), and most of the local articles are available online on the newspaper's website.[3]

Cyprus Mail
Cyprus Mail Logo.svg
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Cyprus Mail Co Ltd
HeadquartersNicosia, Cyprus

With the demise of the Cyprus Times in 1960 the Cyprus Mail remained the only English language newspaper in Cyprus until the establishment of the Cyprus Weekly in 1979.


Cyprus Mail has a low circulation (the lowest among all daily newspapers published in Cyprus),[4] far behind more mainstream newspapers like Phileleftheros, Simerini and Haravgi.

Political positionsEdit

In its early years the Cyprus Mail was the main rival to The Cyprus Times (also known as The Times of Cyprus) another English language newspaper founded in Cyprus during the period of British rule. At that time the Cyprus Mail was widely seen to be to the political right of the more socially liberal Cyprus Times, especially in its tendency to oppose Enosis i.e. union with Greece.[5] Due to this opposition to Enosis, it was widely disliked by Greek Cypriots, and circulated mainly among the British colonial administrative and military personnel.

In recent years, the newspaper has taken a "pro-solution" stance on the Cyprus dispute (for example, it supported the controversial 2004 Annan Plan) which has led to allegations (by other newspapers) of anti-Greek bias and of "normalizing" the Turkish occupation in the northern part of the island.[6]


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