Owariya (Japanese: 尾張屋)or Honke Owariya is the oldest restaurant in Kyoto, Japan; it was founded in 1465.[1] The specialty are traditional buckwheat noodles - called soba - and even the royal family eats here when they come to Kyoto.[2] The restaurant uses the "freshest" Kyoto spring well water to make its delicious soup broth.[3]

Honke Owariya
Native name
Headquarters322 Niomontsukinukecho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi,
604-0841 Kyoto
Preparing Soba noodles


The restaurant has been located on the same plot of soil in Kyoto since 1465. Honke Owarya began as a confectionery shop, it was later developed into a soba shop by a chef from Nagoya accompanied by members of the imperial family.[1]

Honke Owariya has been associated with several temples in Kyoto from the Edo Period. It fostered bonds with Zen Buddhist sects from Kennin-ji, Shokoku-ji and Myoshin-ji.[1]

The current, and sixteenth owner of Honke Owariya is Ariko Inaoka, who follows in the tradition of her father (the 15th owner) and grandfather (the 14th owner).[1]

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