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Out of Space and Time is a collection of fantasy, horror and science fiction short stories by American writer Clark Ashton Smith. It was released in 1942 and was the third book published by Arkham House. 1,054 copies were printed. A British hardcover appeared from Neville Spearman in 1971, with a two-volume paperback reprint following from Panther Books in 1974. Bison Books issued a trade paperback edition in 2006.[1]

Out of Space and Time
Out of space and time.jpg
Dust-jacket illustration by Hannes Bok.
AuthorClark Ashton Smith
Cover artistHannes Bok
CountryUnited States
GenreFantasy, horror, science fiction
PublisherArkham House
Publication date
Media typePrint (hardback)
Pagesxii, 370

The stories for this volume were selected by the author and were considered by him to be his best fantasy and horror stories to date. The collection contains stories from Smith's major story cycles of Averoigne, Hyperborea, Poseidonis, and Zothique. Smith had wanted to call the collection "The End of the Story and Other Stories", but acceded to Derleth's suggestion, an allusion to Edgar Allan Poe's "Dream-Land".[2]



Out of Space and Time contains the following tales:


  • Jersey, UK: Neville Spearman, 1971.
  • St. Albans, UK: Panther, 1974 (2 vols.).
  • Lincoln, NE: Bison, 2006.


Writing in Unknown Worlds, Anthony Boucher described the collection as "four hundred pages of magnificent reading", praising Smith as "a poet and a craftsman [who] has produced by far the best work in the Lovecraft tradition".[3] New York Times reviewer Louise Maunsell Field noted that while most of Smith's stories were "overelaborated and far too wordy", the author had "an active, fertile imagination", concluding that the collection would please "[r]eaders who delight in fantasy and witchcraft".[4]

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