Oulu Cemetery

The Oulu Cemetery (Finnish: Oulun hautausmaa) is a cemetery located in the Intiö district close to the city centre of Oulu, Finland.

Oulu Cemetery
Oulu cemetery war fallen Aug2008.jpg
War graves with the old chapel in the background.
Coordinates65°0′46″N 025°29′29″E / 65.01278°N 25.49139°E / 65.01278; 25.49139Coordinates: 65°0′46″N 025°29′29″E / 65.01278°N 25.49139°E / 65.01278; 25.49139
Owned byFederation of Evangelical Lutheran Parishes in Oulu
Size26.5 hectares (65 acres)[2]
WebsiteOulun hautausmaa
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The cemetery was inaugurated in 1781 by vicar Carl Henrik Ståhle.[1][3] After the vicar the cemetery was first known as Ståhleborg, the oldest section is still called with the old name.[4] There are two funeral chapels in the cemetery: the old chapel designed by architect Otto F. Holm was completed in 1923 and is located in the older section.[5] The new chapel designed by architect Seppo Valjus was built in 1972–1973. The crematory is located in the new chapel building.[6]

The cemetery includes a military cemetery section for soldiers fallen in the Second World War. The war graves area with a war memorial was inaugurated in September 1952. The war memorial, The Battle Has Ended (Finnish: Taistelu on päättynyt), was created by sculptor Oskari Jauhiainen.[7]

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