Otto, Lord of Lippe

Otto, Lord of Lippe (c. 1300c. 1360) was the ruling Count of Lippe-Lemgo from 1344 until his death.

Otto, Lord of Lippe
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Bornc. 1300
Diedc. 1360
Noble familyHouse of Lippe
Spouse(s)Irmgard of the Marck
FatherSimon I, Lord of Lippe
MotherAdelaide of Waldeck


He was the son of Simon I and his wife, Adelaide of Waldeck.

When his father died in 1344, Lippe was divided; Otto ruled the area around Lemgo, while his brother Bernard V ruled the area around Rheda.

Otto resided in Lemgo, which at the time consisted of two legally separate town: the Old Town and the New Town. In 1365, five years after Otto's death, these were amalgamated to form the Town of Lemgo.

Marriage and issueEdit

Otto was married to Irmgard of the Marck, daughter of Engelbert II of the Mark. They had three children:

Otto, Lord of Lippe
Born: c. 1300
Preceded by Lord of Lippe-Lemgo
Succeeded by