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The Osum is a river in southern Albania, one of the source rivers of the Seman. It is 161 km (100 mi) long and its drainage basin is 2,073 km2 (800 sq mi). Its average discharge is 32.5 m3/s (1,150 cu ft/s).[1] Its source is in the southwestern part of the Korçë County, near the village Vithkuq at an altitude of 1,050 metres (3,440 ft). It flows initially south to the Kolonjë municipality, then west to Çepan, and northwest through Çorovodë where it flows through the famous Osum Canyon, Poliçan, Berat and Urë Vajgurore. It joins the Devoll near Kuçovë, to form the Seman. The discharge of the river is reported to vary between 5.11 m3 (180 cu ft)/s and 74.11 m3 (2,617 cu ft)/s.[citation needed]

Berat UNESCO 2016 Albania.jpg
Osum in Berat
Osum is located in Albania
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationWestern Vithkuq
 ⁃ coordinates40°32′10″N 20°29′29″E / 40.53611°N 20.49139°E / 40.53611; 20.49139
 ⁃ elevation1,420 m (4,660 ft)
 ⁃ location
Seman near Kuçovë
 ⁃ coordinates
40°48′46″N 19°51′32″E / 40.8128°N 19.8588°E / 40.8128; 19.8588Coordinates: 40°48′46″N 19°51′32″E / 40.8128°N 19.8588°E / 40.8128; 19.8588
Length161 km (100 mi)
Basin size2,073 km2 (800 sq mi)
 ⁃ average32.5 m3/s (1,150 cu ft/s)
Basin features
ProgressionSemanAdriatic Sea

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