Oss tjuvar emellan eller En burk ananas

Oss tjuvar emellan eller En burk ananas (lit.'Just among Us Thieves, or A Can of Pineapples')[1] is a Swedish comedy film from 1945 directed by Olof Molander.[2] The film script was written by the Norwegian writer Helge Krog and the music was composed by Dag Wirén.[3]

Oss tjuvar emellan eller En burk ananas
Directed byOlof Molander
Written byHelge Krog
Produced byHarald Molander
CinematographyMartin Bodin
Edited byOscar Rosander
Music byDag Wirén
AB Svensk Filmindustri
Release date
  • January 22, 1945 (1945-01-22)
Running time
96 minutes

The film was shot at Filmstaden studios in Råsunda in the summer of 1944. It had its Swedish premiere at the Spegeln cinema in Stockholm on January 22, 1945.


Max Kvarne, who considers himself a kind of modern Robin Hood, hides £25,000 from a theft in London in a pineapple can. He travels back with it home to Stockholm. However, the police track him down and send out a detective, Arvid Zinder, to arrest him. Arvid is an old childhood friend of Max, and he has also been in love with his fiancée Irma for a long time. A lawyer, Barman, offers to become Max's defense lawyer, but his motive is really anything but noble. The barman goes to the stingy drug addict Daniel Bondsack's home, where Irma and Max have rented a room and where he thinks the money is hidden, to search the house. However, nobody knows where the pineapple can is anymore.



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