Osing language

The Osing language (Osing: Basa Using; Indonesian: Bahasa Osing), locally known as the language of Banyuwangi, is the language of the Osing people of East Java, Indonesia. They do not want to be identified with the Javanese language.[citation needed]

RegionEast Java, Indonesia
EthnicityOsing people
Native speakers
300,000 (2000 census)[1]
Javanese script and Latin
Pegon script (historical)
Language codes
ISO 639-3osi
An Osing speaker, recorded in Indonesia.

Some Osing words have the infix /-y-/ 'ngumbyah', 'kidyang', which are pronounced /ngumbah/ and /kidang/ in standard Javanese, respectively.[2]

Divergent Osing vocabulary includes:[2]

  • osing/sing 'not' (standard Javanese: ora)
  • paran 'what' (standard Javanese: åpå)
  • kadhung 'if" (standard Javanese:yèn,lèk,nèk)
  • kelendhi 'how' (standard Javanese:kepiyè,piyè)
  • maning 'again' (standard Javanese:manèh,the Banyumasan dialect of Javanese also uses 'maning')
  • isun 'I/me' (standard Javanese:aku)
  • rikå 'you' (standard Javanese:kowè,the Banyumasan dialect also uses "rikå")
  • ring/nong 'in/at/on' (standard Javanese:ning,nang,the Balinese language and Old Javanese also uses "ring")
  • masiyå/ambèknå 'even if'/'although' (standard Javanese:senadyan,senajan,najan, the Arekan dialect of Javanese also uses 'masiyå')


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