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Orodruin is an American doom metal band from Rochester, New York, who play traditional doom. Some of the band's members have also played in the bands Crucifist (featuring Dan Lilker), Nechrochasm, Cyrus, 137, and Night Conquers Day. Orodruin were a part of the early-2000s revival of Traditional Doom, playing alongside bands like Reverend Bizarre, While Heaven Wept, and Penance. Today, members of Orodruin, along with other Rochester natives, play in a horror-themed progressive doom metal band called Blizaro, which is the brainchild of John Gallo.

Background information
OriginNew York City, United States
GenresDoom metal
Heavy metal
Traditional doom
Years active1998-present
LabelspsycheDOOMelic Records
Hellride Records
MembersJohn Gallo
Mike Waske
Mike Puleo

Members of Orodruin are closely associated with other contemporary doom acts such as The Gates of Slumber, Revelation, Iron Man, Blood Ceremony, and Argus.


  • Mike Puleo - bass, vocals, studio drums
  • Nicholas Tydelski - guitar
  • John Gallo - guitar

Previous membersEdit

  • Mike Waske - drums



  • Epicurean Mass CD, 2003 (PsycheDOOMelic records, PSY004)
  • Epicurean Mass Digipak CD, 2009 (PsycheDOOMelic records, PSY036)


  • Claw Tower And Other Tales Of Terror compilation, 2004 (PsycheDOOMelic records, PSY013)
  • In Doom EP, 2012 (Independent Label)



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