Orders, decorations, and medals of Sweden

The Orders, decorations, and medals of Sweden have a historical basis, reaching back to the 1606 founding of the extinct Jehova Order. The Royal Order of Knights of Sweden were only truly codified in the 18th century, with their formal foundation in 1748 by Frederick I of Sweden. Significant reforms in 1974 changed the conditions and criteria under which many orders and decorations could be awarded.[1]

Orders of Sweden constituting the Royal Order of Knights

In 2019, a parliamentary committee was instructed to establish guidelines on how to re-introduce the Swedish orders, including the Order of the Polar Star, into the Swedish honours system, and how Swedish citizens again can be appointed to Swedish orders.[2] The committee presented its findings in September 2021 and the Government has declared that a bill on the subject would be presented to the Riksdag on April 19th 2022. The bill passed the Riksdag by a large majority on 19 June 2022.

On 20 December 2022, the Swedish Government published a new regulation that repealed the 1974 regulation, and once again opened the Royal Orders to Swedish citizens again and reactivated the Sword Order and Vasa Order, to be in effect from 1 February 2023.[3][4]

Chart comparing Swedish medal size scale to millimeters scale


Royal orders of knighthoodEdit

Orders of knighthood under royal patronageEdit

Fraternal orders under royal patronageEdit

Decorations and medals of the Royal OrdersEdit

  • Seraphim Medal
  • Medal of the Sword
  • Royal Order of Vasa - Silvercross (Vasasign)
  • Medal of the Royal Order of the Polar Star - 8th size
  • Medal of the Royal Order of Vasa in Gold, 5th size
  • Medal of the Royal Order of Vasa in Silver, 5th size

Royal Medals presented by the KingEdit

Royal Medals presented by the GovernmentEdit

  • Illis Quorum[12]
  • Medal for Commendable Deeds
  • Medal for Civic Virtue
  • Medal for Diligent Reindeer Husbandry

War decorationsEdit

Military medalsEdit

Military medals:[13]

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